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Fountains & Pumps

Fountains & Pumps

Fountains in a pond or water feature on a golf course add a touch of class to any setting. There are floating fountains or fountain nozzles that are attached to simple pumps that create a display. For aeration purposes we usually recommend 2 HP of fountain per surface acre of pond. Floating fountain systems are often more expensive than building your own fountain system with a nozzle and a high flow submersible pump. Fountains help improve water quality by improving circulation and aeration and they also can become a dramatic focal point as the streaming pattern of the water shooting into the air adds a dynamic touch to the golf experience.

With floating fountains the motor is held just below the surface of the water by a black or blue low-profile float, some fountains have white floats but I find these to be a bit too noticeable on the surface so prefer the black or blue. The motor is usually a stainless steel casing protecting an oil-cooled motor; the motor usually has some sort of propeller system to push water at high speed through a nozzle or flow-straightening tube to create a decorative effect. Many of the best brands on the market offer interchangeable nozzles or packaged kits that contain many premium nozzles that can easily be changed by the end-user.




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7900 GPH Submersible Pump for Koi Goldfish Pond Waterfall Jebao JGP30000
Description: Jebao JGP series pond pump are use as submersible and non-submersible pumps. It provide..
Aquascape AQSC 5284GPH Aqua Surge Pump
Submersible waterfall and filter pump made for use in skimmer style filter systems. Extremely energy..
$509.98 $381.49
Atlantic Water Gardens A-05L Low Head TidalWave Pond & Water Feature Pump
TidalWave A-Series pumps are manufactured from cast iron and stainless steel with precision motors a..
$686.80 $469.99
TidalWave A-Series pumps are manufactured from cast iron and stainless steel with precision motors a..
$834.40 $699.99
Atlantic Water Gardens Pond & Waterfall Pump, Energy Efficient & High Flow Rates, 6000 GPH
Atlantic Water Gardens TidalWave2 TW-Series asynchronous submersible pumps are the perfect choice fo..
$434.87 $429.99
Atlantic Water Gardens Pond & Waterfall Pump, Solids Handling Capable, 4950GPH
Atlantic Water Gardens PAF-Series pumps are solid handling pond and waterfall pumps that are lightwe..
Atlantic Water Gardens A-Series pumps are manufactured from cast iron and stainless steel with preci..
Atlantic Water Gardens A-Series pumps are manufactured from cast iron and stainless steel with preci..
Beckett 7206810 W3500 Waterfall Pump, 3500 GPH
Beckett's 3500-gallon per hour waterfall pump with 15-Feet power cord. Pumps at 3500-gallon per hour..
$168.36 $133.11
Beckett W5000 Waterfall and Stream Pump, 5000 GPH
Beckett's W5000 Waterfall and Stream Pump 5000gph. Large submersible pump for waterfalls up to 19' h..
$189.99 $135.00
Belcrest 1 1/2 HP Outdoor Fountain Aerator
Add beauty and prestige to your landscape with the Belcrest Fountain Aerator. This elegant stainless..
Cal Pump PWM3900 Mag Drive 3900 GPH Waterfall Pump
These high volume, magnetically coupled, wet rotor pumps are durable, reliable and energy efficient...
Danner 02660 3000GPH Magnetic Drive Waterfall Pump
This Pondmaster magnetic drive, submersible, waterfall pump is a high capacity pump designed specifi..
EasyPro EX13200 External Pond and Waterfall Pump High Head 13200GPH
EasyPro 13200gph EX Series External Pump - High Head EasyPro offers a variety of external pumps in ..
Jebao EGP9000 10000GPH Water Pond Pump
110V/60Hz AC UL approved Jebao water pump with vortex impeller, pre-filter for pond, waterfalls, or ..
Kasco 3.1 JF - 3 HP Pond Aeration / Decorative Fountain with 200' Cord
Effective in both shallow and deep water, cut weeds and grasses at the base for a cleaner lake shore..
Little Giant 566137 Flex Pump, 9000-Gallons
Little Giants new line of "flexible" water feature pumps are designed for in and out of pond use and..
$854.61 $852.46
NAVA Brass 2 Tier Center Straight Style Fountain Nozzle Garden Pond (3" DN80)
Brand New Brass 3.0" DN80 2 Tier Adjustable Central Upright Fountain Nozzle Spray Head Pond Adjus..
NAVA New High Quality 2" DN50 Brass 3 Layers Fountain Nozzle Sprinklers Spray Head Pond
The Adjustable Spray is a popular effect used in commercial and architectural fountains. Fountain n..
NAVADEAL 1 1/2" DN40 Brass Geyser Fountain Nozzle Spray Sprinkler Head
Brand New Brass1.5" DN40 Air-Added Bubbling Fountain Nozzle SprayAir-Added Nozzle is called as air-a..
$69.99 $29.99
NAVADEAL 1 1/2" DN40 Brass Lotus Fountain Nozzle Spray Sprinkler Head
The Comet is a popular effect used in commercial and architectural fountains. Fountain nozzle sprays..
$29.99 $19.99
NAVADEAL 1/2" DN15 & 3/4" DN20 Brass Narrow Fan Jet Fountain Nozzle Spray Sprinkler Head
Thank you for viewing this item. Our estimated shipping leadtime for standard shipping service is 7-..
NAVADEAL 2.0" DN50 Brass Bubbling Spring Water Fountain Nozzle Spray Sprinkler Head
It is called Bubbling or Universal Spring Nozzle and is a popular effect used in homes, commercial a..
North Star 1 1/2 HP Pond Aerator
The Scott 1 1/2 HP North Star Aerator is the perfect addition to any pond or lake when a prestigious..
Outdoor Water Solutions FTN0142 1/2 HP Fountain
Our eco line of fountains is manufactured in the U.S. and carries a full two-year warranty. This is ..
Pond Aerating, 3/4 HP, 240V, Cord 100 Ft.
Pond Fountain, 1 HP, 120V, Cord 100 Ft.
Kasco Marine proudly introduces the new 4400JF model. This highly requested unit is perfect for medi..
Scott Aerator 13005 Skyward Fountain--115V - .5 HP
Sold on Amazon..
Scott Aerator Aerating Fountain - 2 HP, 700 GPM, Model# DA-20
This display aerator is the proven solution for keeping pond water sparkling clean while creating a ..
Scott Aerator Clover BIG SHOT Floating Fountain - 1/2 HP, 110 Volt, 70-Ft. Power Cord
Scott Aerator Clover BIG SHOT Floating Fountain is a powerful aerator and centrifugal pump that will..
Scott Aerator DA-20 Display 1 1/2 hp Pond Aerator
The DA-20 Display Aerator 1.5HP is the proven solution for keeping your water sparkling clean while ..
Scott Aerator Display Aerator - 1 1/2 HP, 230 Volt, 100-Ft. Power Cord, Model# DA-30
Attractive, fountain-action aerator boosts the quality of pond water for golf courses, public and in..
Scott Aerator The Gusher Outdoor Fountain Aerator
The Gusher Fountain Aerator creates an exciting, geyser-like column of water in a highly visible, wi..
Scott Aerator Twirling Waters Fountain/Aerator - 1/2 HP, 115 Volt, 70-ft. Power Cord, Model# 13511
The whimsical spinning movement of the Twirling Waters sprays spiraling strands of water upwards of ..
ShinMaywa Norus 7000GPH 1 HP Submersible Garden Pond Waterfall Pump | 50CR2.75S
The ShinMaywa Norus Series submersible pumps are some of the most reliable and durable pumps sold to..
ShinMaywa Submersible Waterfall Pump 11000 GPH, 32' Cord 1HP
ShinMaywa Norus XP Series Pumps are widely regarded as being among the very best submersible pumps o..
TotalPond 2000 GPH Waterfall Pump
TotalPond waterfall pumps have high performance, wet bearing motors capable of moving large amounts ..
$149.00 $145.28
Tsurumi 100AB2.4S Series 1/2 H.P. 1/115V, submersible Pond & Waterfall, high flow pump with a 4" discharge.
Tsurumi 4HF High Flow Water Feature Pump features a 304 Stainless Steel housing, oil-free motor, and..
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