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Golf: Lower Your Score With Mental Training

Golf: Lower Your Score With Mental Training
Golf: Lower Your Score With Mental Training
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Golf: Lower Your Score With Mental Training is a powerful strategy for learning, playing and enjoying golf. The programme is developmental, as opposed to clinical or problem solving in nature. You learn about and develop your inner mental skills, skills which require you to 'go inside yourself' to that part of your mind where you foster behaviours which promote good performance. Creative use of imagery makes it possible to re-program the software of your brain and rid yourself of unwanted behaviours and beliefs, which get in the way of good performance. Discover how easy it is to: -Achieve active relaxation -Use mental imagery to learn and improve your game -Develop positive thoughts and behaviour patterns -Focus completely on the shot you are about to make -Increase your chances of having and then sustaining peak performance This book will give you the tools to create peak performance in golf and in other sports you play. It has a parallel and perhaps a more important goal: to help you develop a lifestyle that is healthy, and behaviours which lead to peak wellness. Includes a link to free audio download of exercises.
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