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Golf (Idiot's Guides)

Golf (Idiot's Guides)
Golf (Idiot's Guides) Golf (Idiot's Guides) Golf (Idiot's Guides) Golf (Idiot's Guides) Golf (Idiot's Guides)
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Golf is one of the most popular hobby sports among men and women of all ages, but if you've never picked up a club before, it's hard to know where to begin. Geared for the absolute beginner, Idiot's Guides: Golf teaches all of the basics in a series of "lessons" using full-color, baby-step-by-baby-step instructions. Every lesson is accompanied by helpful golf pro advice on common mistakes and how to avoid them. Dozens of practice drills and "Practice This!" images remind players of swing technique. In addition, this easy-to-use guide features detailed information on golf rules, lingo, and etiquette.
  • Highly portable and great for checking your setup on the green
  • Poor alignment is the major cause of missed putts. Using the Putting Alignment Mirror will create confidence on the green
  • Has slots for the Gate Drill
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