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Golf Fitness Training: Core to Score

Golf Fitness Training: Core to Score
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If you’ve been playing golf for long, you know it’s true that… size doesn’t matter! You’ve seen puny punks blast drives deep down the middle and you’ve seen short, skinny fellows bomb their drives 300 yards or more. Hopefully you haven’t suffered the humiliation of being badly outdriven by some scrawny golfer that looks like he hasn’t eaten in a month! It used to happen to me on a regular basis…but not anymore! I got so sick and tired of being called a “short knocker” that I decided to do something about it. And after years of intense and exhaustive research, I finally discovered the simple secret to adding 30 yards (or more) to your drives faster than you ever imagined possible. I’ve distilled what it took me years to learn into this easy to follow book. And, I’m going to share what I learned so you can quickly and easily add distance to your tee shots and hit your drives L-O-N-G and straight. As it should be! In fact, you’ll add distance to every club in your bag. First I need to explain something: If you’re not bombing your drives deep down the middle of the fairway, attacking pins with short irons, and shoot the low scores you deserve to be shooting, it’s NOT your fault. You’ve been misled (just like I was) by golf instructors, equipment manufacturers, and the golf media who make this simple game sound as complicated at nuclear physics! Trust me, it’s not that difficult. It’s not in the golf industry’s best interests for you to know the truth. The longer they can keep you confused, frustrated, and on a constant search for solutions, the longer they can separate you from your hard-earned money buying more lessons, more gadgets, and more books and magazines. By now, I’m certain you’ve noticed that some of the longest bombers have some of the smallest frames. You’ll NEVER Guess How Many Short, Skinny Pros Hit their Drives Farther than BOTH Tiger Woods AND Phil Mickelson… Just look at the current PGA driving statistics (as of this writing) and you’ll discover a bunch of pint-sized golfers who absolutely pulverize their drives. People like: Ryan Palmer. He’s listed at just 5’ 11” and 175 pounds, yet he CRUSHES his drives an average of 302 yards. And he’s far from the only long bomber who’s under 6-feet tall and rail-thin. There’s also: 2-time Major champion Rory McIlroy (5’ 10” 160 lbs.) Average Drive: 299 yards Listed at 5’ 10” and 160 pounds, Rory McIlroy is not a very physically imposing figure…but the two time major champion’s 300-yard bombs off the tee can certainly be intimidating to opponents. You too can add 30-yards (or more) to your drives. The secret key to ULTIMATE Golf Distance? The key is your core – a collection of muscles and tendons between your thighs and your chest. Your core acts as an accelerator for your golf swing. A strong and flexible core allows you to: -accelerate through the golf swing -generate more clubhead speed -and add more distance to every club in your bag The key is not the latest golf technology dreamed up by a marketing department, the newest golf training gadgets invented to separate you from your money, or more expensive lessons from someone who couldn’t care less if you get any better. Don’t get me wrong. Technology, gadgets, and lessons all have their place and used properly they can help you improve your game, but none of them is the real key to adding distance and power. The real key is a strong, flexible core. Do you need PROOF? Who’s the best golfer of this generation? It’s Tiger Woods without a doubt, right? “For golfers, core strength is just as important as flexibility. Core muscles help control movement and transfer energy from the center of the body out to the limbs, which can obviously impact how well you strike the ball. My core training builds overall strength and flexibility and helps me maintain an ideal state of posture and symmetry.” – Tiger Woods You only need 30 minutes a few times a week to see results. Now... let's get started. Chris
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