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Golf Management Books

Golf Management Books

A healthy ecosystem, whether it is a small decorative golf course pond or a large lake, is defendant on a balanced community of life living in harmony. From microscopic algae to plants, frogs, fish, salamanders, insects and birds, a healthy golf course pond is teeming with life and has a healthy food-chain and maintaining and encouraging this cycle is the key to keeping a golf course pond clear and clean. If the base nutrients, the microscopic beneficial bacteria, are not present in adequate numbers then the golf course pond can age and decline quicker than normal. There are cold water bacterial treatments designed for bottom muck and dry bacteria cultures designed to clear green water and help combat algae growth and when either of these problems are a concern then adding microbes into the golf course pond should not be ignored.

Because a golf course pond suffers from two basic types of aquatic pollution, soluble and insoluble, it is key to control these two forms as best as possible. The main soluble pollutants come from erosion and seepage that washes fertilizers, nitrogen and phosphorous into the pond. Aquatic plants will naturally convert via photosynthesis inorganic carbon dioxide into fully organic material. When these plants die they can contribute to the formation of sludge and golf course pond muck which can result in noxious elements like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia being released into the water; a danger to fish and other life. Low oxygen levels caused by these subtle changes causes sediment bound phosphorous to be released and these conditions will often lead to fish-kills and algae blooms. Large lakes with heavy loads of pollution and low oxygen levels are often plagued by regular blue green blooms of Cyanobacteria. The stresses caused by such problems can reduce fish growth and diminish the abundance of beneficial organisms and the results are often catastrophic as far as many golf course pond owners are concerned.

Proper design, proper maintenance and a constant appreciation and respect for the natural forces that exist in our golf ponds , whether man-made or existing is essential for forging a positive and healthy approach to golf course pond ownership. Understanding the relationship between living cells, oxygen, light and the positive energy that radiates in all of nature is crucial to understand that maintaining a healthy pond is much like nurturing a child or raising an animal; there are certain steps we must follow and certain traps to avoid in order to assure an outcome that can be appreciated for years.




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Bunkers, Pits & Other Hazards: A Guide to the Design, Maintenance, and Preservation of Golf's Essential Elements
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$99.00 $79.43
Contemporary Club Management
Contemporary Club Management is the best book on club management skills and competencies you can fin..
$95.95 $59.99
Ecological Golf Course Management
Ecological Golf Course Management is the most comprehensive work ever done on ecological turf manage..
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Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Volume 2
International assessment of the principles and practices of golf architecture.Ideal for irrigation a..
Golf Course Architecture: Design, Construction & Restoration
Described as "the modern bible of golf architecture," this text distills Dr. Hurdzan's 30 years of k..
$85.00 $39.95
Golf Course Irrigation: Environmental Design and Management Practices
Complete guidelines to developing and maintaining the most effective, environment-friendly irrigatio..
$125.00 $106.24
Golf's Grand Design: The Evolution of Golf Architecture in America
"Golf’s Grand Design," prepared as a companion volume to the PBS documentary of the same name, expan..
$24.95 $24.93
Lake and Pond Management Guidebook
The Lake and Pond Management Guidebook is the successor to the bestselling Lake Smarts: The First La..
$159.95 $131.10
Nicklaus by Design: Golf Course Strategy and Architecture
More than 235 Jack Nicklaus courses have been installed throughout the world. His courses are often ..
Practical Golf Course Maintenance: The Magic of Greenkeeping
This newly revised edition of the original best seller has hundreds of helpful tips that you can use..
$80.00 $28.98
Practical Golf Course Maintenance: The Magic of Greenkeeping
The revised, bestselling resource of practical, nontechnical advice for maintaining and operating a ..
$85.00 $70.55
Secrets of the Great Golf Course Architects: A Treasury of the World's Greatest Golf Courses by History's Master Designers
The tests a golfer faces on the course are the direct result of the challenges originally faced by..
$40.00 $11.99
The Anatomy of a Golf Course: The Art of Golf Architecture
Behind every golf hole lies an influence on every golfer's game that few golfers ever contempla..
$27.95 $19.56
Turf Management for Golf Courses, 2nd Edition
Commonly referred to as "Beard's Bible," after Dr. James B. Beard, the internationally recognized tu..
$170.00 $149.97 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
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